Accessible Voting System

The ExpressVote was introduced in 2022 in Rhode Island to assist all voters including those who cannot make a ballot on their own. Every polling place in the country is required by Federal Law (HAVA) to have a device to assist voters in marking their ballot if they would be able to do so independently otherwise. 

ExpressVote Setup

Basic instructions for using the ExpressVote:

The ExpressVote features include:

  1. LCD Touch Screen;
  2. Rubber-textured directional hardware arrows and buttons with Braille text;
  3. Audio jack with headphones for audio ballot;
  4. ADA dual switch access (DSA) port;
  5. High contrast mode;
  6. Screen privacy mode.


The ExpressVote is available for use by all voters at the polling place. Any voter who needs assistance with the ExpressVote should request assistance from the Warden/Moderator.

If the ExpressVote is unavailable due to technical difficulties, the voter may wait for the device to be repaired or request assistance from a bipartisan pair of Supervisors or a person of his/her choice.

Basic instructions for using the ExpressVote:

  1. Slowly insert the ballot into the reader slot;
  2. An instruction screen will appear onscreen and will be played through the headphones;
  3. Press the Right Arrow onscreen or the right hardware arrow to view choices on the ballot;
  4. Make selections using either the touch screen or hardware arrows;
  5. Continue to press the Right Arrow onscreen or right hardware key to move through the ballot;
  6. At the summary screen, review and make any changes by selecting the appropriate race or question;
  7. Press the Right Arrow on screen or hardware pad to move to the Mark Ballot screen;
  8. Press the Mark Ballot button onscreen or press the Select center hardware button;
  9. The ExpressVote will mark the ballot and return it to the voter;
  10. The voter may reinsert the ballot to confirm the selections onscreen and through the headphones;
  11. The voter must insert the ballot into the precinct's scanner (DS200) to be counted.

Any voter who is denied use of the Expressvote to vote should file a complaint immediately with the Board of Elections at (401) 222-2345 or via e-mail.