Voter Registration Agencies

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires voter registration be offered at all offices in that state that provide public assistance (SNAP, WIC, GPA) and any office that provides State-funded programs primarily engaged im providing services to persons with disabilities. These offices are designated as "Voter Registration Agencies". The following client-contact with these agencies requires voter registration to be offered:

  • New clients on initial contact;
  • Existing clients seeking recertification for agency services;
  • Clients changing address.

An individual's decision to register to vote or not register to vote will not affect any of the services the agency is obligated to provide to the individual.

Each agency must have a voter registration coordinator. Agencies are required to offer a voter registration form to their clients, and document the client response in one of the following ways:

  1. Client registered to vote; or
  2. Client declined to register to vote, signed a certification form indicating such choice; or
  3. Client declined to register to vote, but refused to sign a certification form; or
  4. Client took voter registration form with them, but this must be noted by agency on the certification form.

Voter registration forms accepted at agencies must be transmitted to the Board of Elections within 10 days of being completed by the client, except when completed within 5 days of the deadline to register to vote in any upcoming statewide primary or election. In this case, forms must be transmitted to the Board of Elections within 5 days.

Each agency must also submit monthly activity reports to the Board of Elections. Reports are due 10 days after the end each month.

Compliance with the NVRA is monitored by the Board of Elections through a combination of report audits, site inspections, and client exit polling at facilities. Any questions regarding this program should be directed to the Agency Voter Registration Coordinator at 401-222-2345 or