Provisional Ballot

Provisional Ballot Overview

Provisional Voting is a process to ensure that all registered voters are allowed to participate in the election process. These qualified voters will be allowed to cast the same ballot as all others however, the disposition (full ballot, federal offices only, or disqualified) of that ballot will be determined by the voter's local board of canvassers. The voter may then learn the disposition of the ballot by clicking the "Check Provisional Ballot Status" button above or by calling the Board of Elections at 401-222-2345.

Who is allowed to vote a provisional ballot?

  • A voter whose name is not on the precinct voting list or the master voting list for the Polling Place and the voter does not qualify for the "Affirmation" process.
  • The voter's identity has been challenged by an election official.
  • The voter has not presented identification as required.
  • The precinct voting list indicates the voter has applied for a mail or emergency ballot.
  • IN A PRIMARY ONLY, the voter claims he/she is unaffiliated or affiliated with a different party than indicated on the precinct voter list.

Ballot Dispositions

  • Full Ballot - All offices and questions on the ballot will be counted.
  • Federal Offices Only - Only federal offices on the ballot will be counted. Congressional race will be counted if the ballot was cast in the correct Congressional District.
  • Disqualified Ballot - This ballot will not be counted.

The voter has until the close of business the day after the election to provide information to the Board of Canvassers to help cure the ballot.

A voter can learn if the provisional ballot was counted by searching the status on this website 48 hours after the election. The voter will need to have the Ballot ID number (printed on Provisional Ballot Receipt) and his/her Last Name in order to access the information. Or, the voter can contact the Board of Canvassers in the City/Town where the voter resides.