Poll Worker Information

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Eligibility Requirements

Under Rhode Island General Law 17-11-12 and 17-11-12.1, in order to work at the polling place an individual must be:

  • 16 years of age or older (If in High School still must be a Junior or Senior with a minimum GPA of 2.5)
  • A registered voter in Rhode Island (preregistration required if 16-17 years old)
  • Able to read the Constitution of the state in English
  • Able to write his/her own name

Related Information

Poll workers are paid by the Board of Canvassers for their service on election day. Pay varies by city/town. See the latest Statewide Poll Worker Pay Rates.

NOTICE: Under R.I.G.L. §17-11-12 and §17-11-15 you are ineligible to work as a Poll Worker if you are a candidate for public office, or if you have been convicted, found guilty, pleaded guilty or nolo contendere, or placed on a deferred or suspended sentence, or on probation, for any crime which involves moral turpitude or which constitutes a violation of any of the election or caucus laws of this or any other state. Your appointment as a Poll Worker may be contingent upon you successfully passing a test based on material presented to you in a training class.

Municipal employees, except teachers, are prohibited from working as Poll workers in a primary election in their city/town of employment. This restriction does not apply to the General Election. (R.I.G.L 17-15-14)

You are not required to be a resident of the city/town in which you are seeking to work as a poll worker.