Nursing Home Mail Ballots

If you are confined to a hospital, rest home, convalescent home, nursing home or similar institution, public or private, within the state of Rhode Island; which prevents you from going to the polls to vote on election day, you may be eligible to vote a mail ballot under the nursing home mail ballot program.

This is a state-supervised program. The Board of Elections will dispatch a bi-partisan pair of Supervisors to you in the facility where you are located. The bi-partisan pair will assist you in completing the ballot if you request it. Both Supervisors must witness your signature on the mail ballot envelope. The bi-partisan pair will then return the ballot to the Board of Elections offices for counting.

If you are in a nursing home or assisted living center, contact the Activities Director in your facility to arrange to receive an application. If you are in a hospital, contact your local Board of Canvassers in order to obtain an application.